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Band History

Ravi Dattatreya and Alexei Ustinov international collaboration over Internet

We got acquainted over the Internet 6 or 7 years ago, having mutual passion for creating music while not being professional musicians. Now we have one collaboration CD, lots of instrumental arrangements of our songs, with live and synthetic vocals, recorded film music, a number of real meetings in Europe and the USA, the foundation of Jasmine Music Technology and work there: and many new plans. Thanks for visiting our page, please listen to MP3 songs and MIDI files (they are all free!), we sincerely hope that our musical experiments will be interesting to you.

Ravi, Alexei

Our comments on the first CD release

Ravi says:

"When I was a little kid, I used to listen to songs from Indian movies on the radio. I loved and enjoyed those songs. But I always wanted to make songs of my own. My father bought me a simple musical instrument, and my mother taught me how to play my first musical notes on it. Over the years, I began to collect a stock of melodies that I had created. My wife, Goda, encouraged me enormously in every step of the way, and I still fondly remember the day when we both went to the local music store to buy my first electronic synthesizer, the Korg M1. My son Sriranga helped me add harmony to some melodies. My daughter Mallika Lakshmi helped me with some songs by adding lyrics and singing along with me. Srivatsa, the musically talented baby of the house, hummed the melodies while doing his school work. My friends, Chandru and Ram, helped me put together a couple of albums published in India.

However, since I did not have any formal training in harmony and orchestration, my songs were lonely. They were the soul waiting for a body to get into. My search for someone to help me create something entirely new continued.

It was then that I found Alexei on the Internet. I asked him via email if he would work on my melodies, and he readily agreed. In "The Awakening Soul" album you will find the result of his extreme talent applied to my simple melodies - a blend of the Indian soul in a Russian body. You will also see that Alexei has used his Performance Modeling technology to bring an added dimension to the music. We also decided to launch Jasmine Music Technology to share our technology for making music, our magic-potion for going to 0 to Song in 60 seconds, with the entire musician community, including both armatures and professionals. You will see the results of our endeavors in this website. Enjoy!"

Alexei says:

"I never thought of becoming a composer. When I became forty I was an electronics engineer, a leader of a research team and a professor of Conservatory. All this was connected to sound and music, though. Except for some music-making experiments in university R&R bands, I began to compose more or less finished pieces in 1996, when the first Style Enhancer version was released. This software, developed on the basis of the Performance Modeling technology, was bundled with MIDI examples. I discovered that it was much easier to make those examples on my own than to commission them from professional composers. Later I also found that those MIDIs are interesting in their own right - I got excellent reviews and offers to cooperate...

I gratefully accepted one of such offers which had came from a talented melody-maker Ravi Dattatreya. I always was attracted to oriental melodies, so Ravi's musical ideas looked extremely interesting to me. Besides, Ravi chose not to limit my freedom of interpretation, which was almost equally as valuable...

Now, that "The Awakening Soul" album has become available, I sincerely hope that our modest experiment will draw the attention of professional and amateur musicians worldwide to the unique Performance Modeling technology enabling them to create the really great music."

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