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Since we both are certified specialists, we were engaged into scientific researches. As a result, we have some publications. Below is the selected index of them; however they do show the area of our interests.

Ravi's books on

  • The Structured Note Market: The Definitive Guide for Investors, Traders & Issuers by Ravi E. Dattatreya, Scott Y. Peng (Hardcover - May 1, 1995)
  • Advance Interest Rate and Currency Swaps: State-of-the-Art Products, Strategies & Risk Management Applications by Ravi E. Dattatreya, Kensuke Hotta (Hardcover - June 1, 1993)
  • Active Total Return by Dattatreya-Fabo (Hardcover - May 1, 1989)
  • Interest Rate & Currency Swaps: The Markets, Products and Applications by Ravi E. Dattatreya, et al (Hardcover - November 1, 1993)
  • Handbook Derivative Instruments by Atsuo Konishi, Ravi E. Dattatreya (Editor) (Hardcover - January 1, 1991)
  • Frontiers in Derivatives: State-of-the-Art Models, Valuation, Strategies, & Products by Atsuo Konishi (Editor), Ravi E. Dattatreya (Editor) (Hardcover - 1997)
  • Fixed Income Analytics: State-Of-The-Art Debt Analysis and Valuation Modeling by Ravi Dattatreya (Editor) (Hardcover - August 1, 1991)

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