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The Awakening Soul

"The Awakening Soul"

Here you will find information about Ravalex's first album. You can find the songs in MP3, some of them are also available in MIDI format.

The first album in the world created by computer Performance Modeling. Instrumental progressive-rock, pop, jazz-fusion compositions with ethnic influences.

Liner Notes

Nothing is more exciting than a live musical performance! Is there anything else so alive, subtle, abstract, and yet so moving? Scientists endeavor to discover the secrets of live musical performance and to transcribe a millennium's worth of human experience into bits and bytes. They attempt to awaken a "soul" in the computer. But, is this even possible? YES! More than possible, it is NOW A FACT! The pieces on this album all have The Awakening Soul built in, as both composers are very talented.

No technology can take bad music and make it great, but Performance Modeling can take good music and make it brilliant! Do yourself a favor. Listen to these compositions and hear the magic of Performance Modeling. Enjoy the talent and vision Ravi and Alexei have put into this CD. Marvel at how midi files can be made so expressive, so live, so soulful.
It's truly an exciting opportunity to hear wonderful music and experience the marriage of art and science.

Dave Hallock

Songs And Fragments In MP3

Song Title Time Full MP3 Sample 1 Sample 2
1. W.A.Mozart, Sonate K.Nr.576, Adagio (fragment)
Performer: Elena Avdeyenko. Speech Intro.
2:38 Download    
2. To Helen About Helen 5:02 Download Download Download
3. She Could Change Nothing 7:16 Download Download Download
4. One Step Between Love And Hatred 2:29 Download Download  
5. Don't Say Farewell To Beloved v.2 4:08 Download Download Download
6. Time Of Parting Conversation 6:58 Download Download Download
7. Tale Of the Broken Airplane 5:03 Download Download Download
8. I Still Love You Solnyshko 4:39 Download Download Download
9. Stranger In The Park v.1 4:58 Download Download Download
10. Bombay Policeman 5:31 Download Download Download
11. Boston To Moscow via Delhi 5:36 Download Download Download
12. Subway Band 4:02 Download Download Download
13. The Beautiful You 5:52 Download Download Download
14. Pretty Baby, Are You Happy? 5:47 Download Download Download
15. Stranger In The Park v.2 4:06 Download Download Download

Songs 2-8 composed by Alexei Ustinov (Russia)
Songs 9-15 composed by Ravi Dattatreya (USA)
Tracks 2-15 arranged and sequenced by Alexei Ustinov


Thanks from Alexei: I want to sincerely thank everyone for their interest, friendly support of the PM research, and my musical experiments: Mickael Banz, David Baron, John Bartelt, Peter Czikin, Igor Fomchenkov, Les Gorven, Evgueni Gourenko, Alexander Grekov, Greg Hendershott, Valeri Kagan, Vyacheslav Kokalin, Kim Kyoo-Nyun, Oleg Lazarevsky, Valentina Markova, Alexander Mentyukov, Dmitry Nauman, Jose' Ortiz, Igor Pesterev, Franchesco Rossi, Rip Rowan, Morten Saether, Jason Silzle, Vladimir Tsekhansky, Konstantin Ustinov, Alexei Valiski, John Vernon, Martin Walker, Ian Waugh, Anna Yarovikova, Michail Zotov

Ravi would like to thank his family, Goda, Sriranga, Mallika and Srivatsa, and his friends, Chandru and Ram, for their infinite patience and boundless encouragement.

Special thanks to:

* Elena Avdeyenko, a talented performer, for the beautiful piano fragment.
* Olga Krishtal for her photo image used in the CD cover design.
* Asia Trade Music Company for the technical support in the recording process.
* All specialists of a developers team for the unique PM software.
* Dave Hallock, a great friend and a talented artist for his ideas and assistance on this project.

People Say

All I can say is WOW! BRILLIANT (sorry to shout ;-)... Congratulations on a job extremely well done...

Jose' Ortiz, Founder and owner the Heavenly Music Productions, UK

Alexei's beautiful melodies and arrangements really come to life with the help of Performance Modeling technology...

Morten Saether, Product Manager, Cakewalk Music Software, USA

Performance Modeling is one of the most important developments in the field of MIDI file production since computer-based sequencing...

Ian Waugh, Computer music writer, Reviewer, Pro Sound News (E), UK

... Just listen to the songs here and you'll understand why I said in my SOS review that "Style Enhancer is a very impressive release based on a huge amount of research, and the results reflect this".

Martin Walker, PC Notes Columnist, Sound On Sound Magazine, UK

... Alexei has created breathtaking compositions, and brought them to life through this stunning new technology. He is the first person to successfully bridge the gap between technological capability and a human approach to the nuances of professional performance.

John Bartelt, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, Composer, Musician, and Studio Owner, USA

... In November of 1998 I was presented with the work of Alexei to demonstrate the unique Performance Modeling technology. I was completely astounded after listening to his work...

Les Gorven, Owner and Webmaster of the MIDI Studio Consortium, Canada

Russian researchers have made a very important step in revealing new aspects of musical expressiveness and the unique possibilities for electronic music. This album is the impressive proof of that...

Evgueni Gourenko, Ph.D., Professor, Rector of Novosibirsk Conservatory, Russia


All electronic compositions were recorded at Lyosha Artificial Intelligence Studio (LAIS). Sound engineering: Eugene Komarov and Alik Lavelin.

Produced by Alexei Ustinov

CD Cover design by STR Group, Novosibirsk

Release date: June, 2000
CD factory: CDMan, Canada
Reference number: RA012000

Copyright 2000, SolCom, Inc.
19 Ridge Road, Summit, NJ 07901, USA

All rights reserved. Unauthorized use, including copying, reproduction, duplication, public performance and broadcasting, is prohibited.

Copyright © Ravalex, 2008