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Hot Stuff Dreams

"Hot Stuff Dreams"

Liner Notes

Hot Stuff is a young popular band from Novosibirsk, Russia. Founded in 2001, they work in Pop, Latin, Rock, Jazz, Blues and Soul in live performances only. Hot Stuff: Elena Sylantieva (band manager, lead vocal), Maxim Dorbeko (guitar), Alexei Baranov (bass), Sergey Tropin (Drums) and Dennis Nikitin (keyboards).

Songs And Fragments In MP3

Song Title Time Full MP3 Sample 1 Sample 2
1. The Beautiful You 5:53 Download    
2. Internet Angel 4:48 Download    
3. Nature 5:15 Download    
4. Flying Girl 3:15 Download    
5. Splendor 4:04 Download    
6. Autumn In Central Park 4:08 Download    
7. Jasmine (Mallika) 4:55 Download    
8. Alove 3:37 Download    
9. I Love You From Afar 5:05 Download    
10. West And East 3:49 Download    
11. Rising Star 4:13 Download    
12. One Step Between Love And Hatred 4:24 Download    
13. Sad Mondays 5:08 Download    
14. Red Hair Girl 3:50 Download    
15. The Only One Is You 3:57 Download    
16. Please Touch Me Lola 1:24 Download    
17. The Beautiful You (Reprise) 2:16 Download    
Songs 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17 composed by Ravi Dattatreya
Songs 2, 4, 6, 7, 10, 12, 14, 16 composed by Alexei Ustinov


You can find the lyrics for our second album here


Both authors would like to sincerely thank all musicians and songwriters, namely Elena Sylantieva and Alexei Baranov of Hot Stuff for their great efforts, Alex Yakovlev for most of the album lyrics and literary editing, special thanks go to Eugene Komarov for mixing, to Olga Luneva for liner notes, to Anton Ilyashenko for mastering, to Sergey Tropin for kindly offering his recording studio, and to Nadezhda Koriukova for design consulting.

Ravi would like to thank his mother for starting him on his musical journey teaching him the first notes, and his family: Goda, Mallika, Srivatsa and Sriranga, for their constant support of his musical projects.

Alexei would like to thank Isaak Nurazian for violin solo (3), Yuri Nikishin for guitar solos (3, 4, 12), Larisa Sergeyeva for the idea and Russian lyrics of One Step Between Love and Hatred, to Roman Stolyar for piano rearrangement of Alove, to Mikhail Ryabyshkin for technical consulting; to Basil Nissen, Yury Issakov, to RegionMag management for technical support of recording and to Elena Tochilkina, Valentin Ustinov and Egor Andriyanov for their emotional support during the creative process of this album.


Music: Ravi Dattatreya, Alexei Ustinov
Arrangement: Alexei Ustinov
Lyrics: Alex Yakovlev, Igor Fomchenkov, Mallika Dattatreya
Vocals: Elena Sylantieva, Grigory Gortsev, Vassili Kazantsev, Rajkumar Bharati, Dmitry Mukhachev
Bass, rearrangement: Alexei Baranov
Drums: Sergey Tropin
Sax: Nikolai Panchenko
Electric guitar: Yuri Nikishin
Violin solo: Isaak Nurazian
Grand piano, rearrangement: Roman Stolyar
Acoustic guitar, rearrangement: Maxim Dorbeko

Mastering: Anton Ilyashenko

Produced by Alexei Ustinov
Co-produced by Elena Sylantieva and Alexei Baranov

Copyright 2005 RAVALEX
All rights reserved. Unauthorized use, including copying, reproduction, duplication, public performance and broadcasting, is prohibited.
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