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Film Music

Everybody likes music and everybody likes movies, and if you are a composer, a songwriter or an arranger, you would naturally like to make movie music. Ravi and Alexei have their modest experience in this field. You can find some related information in this section. Some of the materials presented here (in abridged form) are reproduced, by Ravi’s kind permission, from the official Miss California movie site.

Comments from Alexei:

They say in India: "If you are a composer, show me your movie" (!). And this is very close to being true, since a great number of musical movies are shot in India and the composers and singers become popular when the film appeals to the watching and listening audience. Last year Ravi, as well as his friends and family, and first of all his daughter Mallika (producer), has been involved in creating his first movie - Miss California. Before that Ravi already had close cooperation with singers, arrangers, movie producers, and now his dream is coming true. It was my good fortune to take my humble part in writing background music for this Ravi's movie: You can find more details about the making of this movie on its official site.

Some music examples that I made for this film will be added a bit later

Other works that sound very much like “movie music” are created at Virartech Studio from time to time, where I’m working on my own or with other musicians, when I have free time. If you are interested, you could have a look at the link.


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